American Kestrel

Magazine Issue: 
Winter 2014

The American kestrel is a tiny killing machine--but it is fun to carve.

Winter 2014 cover



By Jeff Rechin

The American kestrel also goes by the name of sparrow hawk. It’s a beautiful bird and our smallest falcon. Before this project I had sculpted only one other kestrel and that was when I first started carving. It was a smoothie and I did it before I knew anything about major detailing. But I’ve always been drawn to this bird for its compact size, intricate color patterns, and its overall popularity with birders. My goal for this carving was to create a simple pose and concentrate on anatomy and the personality unique to the kestrel. I carve using hand tools and use power tools only for some detailing, but power carvers can use these steps as well. I hope this article will be helpful for any carver interested in carving this beautiful little falcon.

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