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1990-1999 Issues of Wildfowl Carving Magazine

This collection features the previous issues of Wildfowl Carving Magazine from the years 1999 to 1990. With four issues per year, the magazine offers an abundance of carving demonstrations, tips, step-by-step tutorials, reference articles, and more.

The 1990 to 1999 issues offer an incredibly diverse selection of birds, from puffins and woodpeckers to bald eagles and snowy owls. Carvers are sure to discover their next project within these pages, whether they are looking for shorebirds, decoys, songbirds, or any other kind of beloved wildfowl. In addition, Wildfowl Carving Magazine includes fascinating feature articles on topics such as habitat carving and the inside scoop on competitions.

Table of Contents


Fall 1999:

(Jeff Rechin did the cover’s ruffed grouse sculpture)

Beginner’s Notebook: Hocus Focus (The right set of eyes can transform your art work) by Victor Paroyan

Judith Nicoll (England’s ambassador for bird carving) by Curtis Badger

Decorative Tundra Swan, Part One (Sculpting the body) by Vic Kirkman

The Hunting Decoy, Part Four (Assemble and paint the decoy) by Willy McDonald

The Common Merganser (Hardy fishers of the north) by Steve Maslowski

Feather Close-ups, photography by George Wilkes

Atlantic Puffin Project, Part Two (Paint the smoothie) by Steve Brettell

Miniature Wild Turkey (Use hand tools to rough out the tiny gamebird) by Jeff Rechin

Summer 1999:

(The immature white gyrfalcon on the cover is by Greg Woodard)

Beginner’s Notebook: Airbrush Blending Techniques(Angles and spray patterns for flawless blending) by Glenn Ladenberger

Immature White Gyrfalcon, Part Four (Greg Woodard paints the majestic bird) by Kurt M. Robinette

Scaup Hen Project, Part Two(Use an airbrush to capture the bird’s unique look) by George Kruth

Indigo Bunting (Watch for the tiny blue bird at the top of a tree; reference photos) by Robert Braunfield

Texturing with Paint (Add detail with every stroke) by Frank Werner

Atlantic Puffin Project, Part One(A simple way to carve the colorful seabird) by Steve Brettell

The Hunting Decoy, Part Three (Carve a canvasback decoy) by Willy McDonald

Spring 1999:

(Ernie Muehlmatt’s pileated woodpecker is on the cover)

Beginner’s Notebook: An Airbrush Can Work for You! (Modify your Paasche AB for stellar performance) by Glenn Ladenberger

The Hunting Decoy, Part Two (Shape the decoy body) by Willy McDonald

Scaup Hen Project, Part One (Carve the hen bluebill)

Masterwork Gallery: A Bird Unto Itself (Ernie Muehlmatt’s pileated woodpecker), photography by Michael L. Smith

Immature White Gyrfalcon, Part Three (The base is an integral part of any bird carving) by Kurt M. Robinette

Wild Spirit (A portrait of the common loon; reference photos) by Jerome A. Jackson

Flat (Getting it just right) by Frank Werner

Working a Show (How to make the most of your time at a carving show) by Marie Bongiovanni

Annual Index (Spring 1998-Winter 1999)

Winter 1999:

(The indigo bunting on the cover is by Dennis Poeschel)

Beginner’s Notebook: Texturing Individual Feathers (Tips and techniques that will make a difference) by Glenn Ladenberger

Songbird Legs and Feet (Construct feet from brass rod and epoxy) by Dennis Poeschel

Wood Duck Drake (Carve and paint a hunting decoy) by Paul Foytack, Jr., photography by Thomas Stuck

Immature White Gyrfalcon, Part Two (Texturing the bird) by Kurt M. Robinette

Bald Eagle (A timeless symbol of power and grace) by Margaret Baker

Oil Paint (Is it worth the trouble?) by Frank Werner

Painting Area Set-Up (An efficient workspace is key to successful painting), by Peter Palumbo

The Hunting Decoy, Part One (Decoys are bearers of the waterfowling tradition) by Willy McDonald

On Inspiration, Bird Art . . . And Plastic Models (Bird models were the spark for many of today’s carvers) by Robert Braunfield


Fall 1998:

(Cover harlequin by Victor Paroyan)

Beginner’s Notebook: The First Step: Choosing Your Tools, Part Two (Small bits, cleaners, airbrushes, paints, eyes, and more) by Glenn Ladenberger

Ernie Muehlmatt’s Burrowing Owls by Ernie Muehlmatt, photography by Curtis J. Badger

Harlequin Smoothie (Airbrush the multi-colored “clown” duck) by Victor Paroyan

Immature White Gyrfalcon (Carving the impressive bird with Greg Woodard) by Kurt M. Robinette

Downy Woodpecker (The smallest of woodpeckers is one of the most charming; reference photos) by Jerome A. Jackson

Rosalyn Daisey (A diverse carver keeps the fires burning) by Curtis J. Badger

The Ten Pin Feather Pattern (Structure and organization of Feathers) by Frank and Carol Werner

Summer 1998:

(Cover macaw by Floyd Scholz)

Beginner’s Notebook: The First Step: Choosing Your Tools, Part One (Getting the most from your carving dollar) by Glenn Ladenberger

Blue-winged Teal Hen Project, Part Two (Airbrush this attractive duck) by George Kruth

Strong Necks and Bills (Lamination and doweling techniques) by David Tippey

Charles “Chippy” Chase (In memorial)

Planning a Common Loon (It’s all in the design) by Robert L. Buyer

The Allure of Tropical Birds (Macaws and toucans make unusual carvings) by Floyd Scholz

Songbird Head Portraits, Part Two, photography by Maslowski Wildlife Productions

Songbirds Legs and Feet (Solder strong legs from brass rod) by Don McKinlay

The Far-flying Brant (A long journey takes a short time; reference photos) by Gary Kramer

Carving a Palm Frond (Tips for creating pieces from this challenging wood) by Laurie J. Lundell Gmyrek

Tools from Other Trades by Frank Werner

Spring 1998:

(Cover avocet by Del Herbert)

Beginner’s Notebook: Carving Between Your Ears (Directions and suggestions for the novice and intermediate carver) by Glenn Ladenberger

Annual Index (yearly supplement lists articles from Spring 1997 through Winter 1998)

Songbird Head Portraits, Part One by Steve Maslowski

Service Class Avocet Project, Part Two (Paint to achieve softness and depth) by Del Herbert

The Golden-crowned Kinglet (Use oils for easy blending) by Dave Solomon and Charles Hamilton

Blue-winged Teal Project, Part One (Carve and texture a one-piece bird) by George Kruth

The Lovely Rose-breasted Grosbeak (This bird dresses up black and white with a splash of scarlet) by John Heidecker

Wingin’ It (Correct wing shape is vital for an open-winged carving) by Jack Kochan

Winter 1998:

(Cover ruddy by Glenn A. McMurdo)

Beginner’s Notebook: Carving Mallard Tail Curls (Use wood to make realistic curls) by Clarence Blanchard

The Inside Job (Hollowing a Suzy) by Frank Werner

The Barn Swallow (The graceful mud nester provides pest control; reference photos) by Jerome A. Jackson

The Raucous Ruddy, Part Three (From completed carving to finished painting) by Glenn A. McMurdo

The Inscrutable Green Heron, Part Two (Learn to experiment with paint) by Don McKinlay

Before and After (Jim Sprankle, traditionally a “duck man,” carves a trio of ibis) by Jim Sprankle

Carrying the Torch (The Lafrance-Frederick-Joefrau legacy) by Charles Frank

Service Class Avocet Project, Part One (Use templates to cut out and shape your birds) by Del Herbert


Fall 1997:

(Cover sculpture by Laura Lucio)

John Scheeler (After a decade, his presence is still felt) by Curtis Badger

Beginner’s Notebook: East-to-Make Black Scoter (A cork decoy project) by David Tippey

The Black-Capped Chickadee, Part Two (A songbird painting project) by Laura Lucio

Setting Eyes for the Future (Ensure that your birds’ eyes will stand the test of time) by Laurie J. Gmyrek

The Raucous Ruddy, Part Two (Detailing your carving from roughed out to sealed) by Glenn A. McMurdo

The Hooded Merganser (Discover the wonders of this elusive diving duck; reference photos) by Cynthia Berger

The Inscrutable Green Heron, Part One (Carving the ever-changing bird) by Don McKinlay

Summer 1997:

(Pileated woodpeckers on the cover by Larry Barth)

Beginner’s Notebook: A Bird’s Feathers (Types and parts of feathers illustrated and explained) by Jack Kochan

William J. Koeplin, Sr. (In fond memory) by Dennis Poeschel

The Black-Capped Chickadee, Part One (Carve the diminutive songbird) by Laura Lucio

Larry Barth (The artist in his environment) by Curtis Badger

Gyrfalcon: Phantom of the Northwest (The might hunter of the arctic) by Kurt M. Robinette

Those Magnificent Raptors! Part Two (Head shots of popular birds of prey) by Kurt M. Robinette

The Scarlet Macaw (Bonus reference photos of this tropical bird), photography by Rick and Nora Bowers

The Raucous Ruddy, Part One (Research to rough out) by Glenn A. McMurdo

Building an Aviary (Study waterfowl in your own back yard) by Michael Pelc

Spring 1997:

(Cardinals by Eldridge Arnold on the cover)

Beginner’s Notebook: Create a Mallard Speculum Feather (A simple project for mastering details) by Robert J. Seas

Eldridge Arnold (Wild birds and the elements of design) by Curtis J. Badger

Painting Complex Feathers (Step-by-step instructions for woodcock and bobwhite scapulars) by Dan Williams

Northern Saw-Whet Owl (An in-depth species study) by Jeffrey Whiting

Those Magnificent Raptors! Part One (It’s all in their heads) by Kurt M. Robinette

Woodcock Pattern by Dan Williams

The Miniature Harris’ Hawk, Part Two (Painting the raptor) by Lonnie Dye

American and Least Bitterns (The sound of the swamp; reference photos) by Cynthia Berger

Waterbird Feet and Legs (The pros and cons of four surface materials) by Don McKinlay

The Classic Wildfowl Art Shows, Part Two (What sets apart the most successful shows?) by Curtis J. Badger

Annual Index (Yearly supplement lists articles form Spring 1996 through Winter 1997)

Winter 1997:

Beginner’s Notebook: Keeping Things Even (Tips for creating a symmetrical carving) by Brian E. McGray

Hey, Knute! (Wildfowl art patron Kurt Bartrug) by Dr. Barry Berkey

The Miniature Harris’ Hawk, Part One (Carving an award-winning sculpture) by Lonnie Dye

Painting a Blue Jay, Part Two (From choosing the brushes to applying the final coat) by Dan Williams

Art for a Park, Part Three (Painting the great blue heron) by Eric Kaiser

The Wide-Ranging Common Goldeneye (The spirited whistling duck; reference photos) by John Heidecker/Nature Photos

The Classic Wildfowl Art Shows, Part One (A look at the reasons for their success) by Curtis J. Badger


Fall 1996:

Beginner’s Notebook: Building Reference Files (How to make your research less time-consuming and more productive) by Robert J. Seas

Painting the Black Duck Drake(A contemporary gunning decoy) by Michael Harde

Championship Carving Canadian Style: TheLucios (Family, nature and art making a winning combination) by George Deagle, M.D.

Turned Head Sleepers, Part Three (Painting the turned head wigeon hen) by Frank and Carol Werner

The Baltimore Oriole(The exuberant orange bird sports its colors like a coat of arms; reference photos) by Jerome A. Jackson

Carving a Blue Jay, Part One (Finding the bird in your block of wood) by Dan Williams

Art for a Park, Part Two (Carving an in-flight great blue heron) by Eric Kaiser

Summer 1996:

Beginner’ Notebook: Carving Order out of Process (Carving: “The process of defining and refining shape by an orderly sequence of artistic cutting.”—The Author) by Frank Russell

It Just Can’t Get Any Better Than This! (Painting an American kestrel step-by-step) by Floyd Scholz

Art for a Park (A new building houses live fish, epoxy tree, and wooden birds) by Eric Kaiser

Sanderling Patternby Dan Williams

The Lewis & Holland Expedition (Wherever the wild birds flock) by Candice R. Tennant

Finishing the Flow (Hints on creating strong, imperceptible insertions) by Dan Williams

Whistling Wings, Whittled, Ducks, & Wetlands (Milwaukee Public Museum, February 1996-March 1997) by Dennis C. Poeschel

The Northern Shoveler (Much more than a “shoehorn strainerbill”; reference photos) by Steve Maslowski

The Avian Leg and Foot (Using anatomy for more accurate representation) by Dennis C. Poeschel

Turned Head Sleepers, Part Two(Carving the decoy) by Frank Werner

Spring 1996:

Art Matters: Vaya con Patos (Go with ducks) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook: Feather Inserts (How to carve and attach primary feather inserts) by C.E. Blanchard

Kingfisher Pattern by Dan Williams

Annual Index (Yearly supplement lists articles from Spring 1995 through Winter 1996)

Elements of Artistry Revisited (Divine proportions and negative space) by Chuck and Betty Malven

The Artist’s Signature (How artists develop a style of their own) by Curtis J. Badger

Attaching the Head (A handy gluing device) by Thomas F. McCollum

Turned Head Sleepers, Part One (An anatomical puzzle) by Frank Werner

Home Drying (Checking your wood) by Frank and Carol Werner

Painting the Ruby-throated Hummingbird (A step-by-step painting guide adapted from Carving Hummingbirds) by Charles Solomon and David Hamilton

Traditions of the Heart (A look at contemporary Louisiana miniature carvers) by Charles W. Frank

How to Carve Anything You Wish (Developing the right side of the brain) by David Bennett

Green Heron (A bird of the world; reference photos) by Mark Riegner

Winter 1996:

Beginner’s Notebook: Hold It! (Making an inexpensive paint stand) by Dennis C. Poeschel

Art Matters: Value (What art got to do with it?) by Frank Werner

Least Tern Decoy Pattern by Dan Williams

Making the Most of the Least (Using decoys to restore least terns) by Bob Buyer

Canvas Decoys (An honored tradition gets a new twist) by Philip Lamie

Elements of Artistry, Part Two (Understanding and exploring good design) by Chuck and Betty Malven

Cinnamon Teal Family, Part Three (Painting the chicks) by Dan Williams

Martin Gates (Interpreting nature’s beauty) by Barbara F. Backer

California Quail (This gregarious gamebird offers many design possibilities; reference photos) by Steve Maslowski

Milling (For the carver who wants to branch out) by Carol Werner

1995 National Exhibition of Carved Birds (The U.K.’s premier carving event) by Judith Nicoll


Fall 1995:

Beginner’s Notebook: Photography 101, Part Two(How to create your own photo reference library) by John Heidecker

Heads Up! Part Two (Head, bill, and eye details of popular waterfowl hens) by Dr. Scott Nielsen

Atlantic Puffin Pattern by Dan Williams

Wood Duck Head: Part Two (WC&C Classic, reprinted from Winter 1987) by Pat Godin

Textural Diversity(WC&C Classic, reprinted from Fall 1985) by Pat Godin

Elements of Artistry(Introduction to a multipart series explores basic design tools) by Chuck and Betty Malvern

Dust in the Wind (Protect yourself from shop hazards before it’s too late) by Danielle Hollister

FW Duck (Diary of a timber sale) by Carol Werner

Cinnamon Teal Family, Part Two (Step-by-step instructions for painting the drake) by Dan Williams

Mighty Wanderer (A look at the once-threatened peregrine falcon) by Kurt Robinette

Bob Brown (An in-depth profile of a contemporary carver in the New Jersey tradition) by Lisa Lujanac

Hot Times and Cool Tips(Burning tips and techniques adapted from The Amazing Art of Pyrography) by Bob Boyer

Art Matters: Recognition (Advance and be recognized) by Frank Werner

Summer 1995:

Charter Subscribers(Three charter members discuss WC&C Magazine) by Chris Sherbine

Beginner’s Notebook: Photography 101 (How to create your own photo reference library) by John Heidecker

Habitat: Nature’s Vignette(Creating habitat elements for a great horned owl) by C.E Blanchard

Red-Tailed Hawk Pattern by Dan Williams

Wood Duck Head (WC&C Classic, reprinted from Fall 1986) by Pat Godin

Heads Up! Part One (Incredible close-up reference photos of North American drakes) by Dr. Scott Nielsen

Cinnamon Teal Family, Part One (Painting the hen) by Dan Williams

The White-Crowned Sparrow (Not just another LBJ) by Steve Maslowski

The Second Time Around (In search of the secondary market) by Curtis J. Badger

Ducks in the Balance (Hollowing and weighting a working decoy) by Dennis C. Poeshcel

Art Matters: Fine Art (What is it?) by Frank Werner

Art Law: Art Versus Craft (Defining your woodworking according to law) by Leonard D. DuBoff

Wildfowl Carving at Knott’s Berry Farm (Bob Weir offers more than entertainment) by Floyd Allen

Spring 1995:

Art Matters: A Matter of Venue (You snooze, you lose) by Frank Werner

Flight School (Ernie Muehlmatt creates a group of prairie falcon chicks) by Curtis Badger

Snowy Owl Pattern by Dan Williams

Avian Anatomy (SC&C Classic reprint from Fall 1986) by Robert Braunfield

Habitat: Carving a Fiddler Crab (A seaside habitat to enhance any shorebird carving) by Rosalyn Leach Daisey

Art Law: Trade Dress (Protecting the integrity of your creations) by Leonard D. DuBoff

The Woodie Revisited (America’s most colorful duck) by Dr. Scott Nielsen

Creole Carvers (Louisiana’s rich heritage of ethnic diversity) by Charles W. Frank

Smoooooooth (Oldsquaw [long-tailed duck] painting demo illustrates creating texture with paint) by Victor Paroyan

Beginner’s Notebook: Color Notes (Creating a reference source for mixing colors) by June Noll

Annual Index

Winter 1995:

Beginner’s Notebook: Custom Carriers (An easy, economical method to protect your carvings) by C.E. Blanchard

Brant Basics (Wildfowl Carving and Collecting classic, reprinted from Fall 1986) by June Noll

Habitat Bonus (Wood, wasps, and wool: using mixed media) by Jeffrey C. Whiting

Godin’s Grouse (An in-depth interview with Canada’s premier carver) by Lisa Lujanac

The Delightful Ruddy Duck (Its many nicknames reflect the characteristics of this colorful duck) by Arthur Morris

Championship Painting (Jon Jones’ wigeon drake) by Jon Jones

Baby Chicks, Part Two (Patience and precision yield life-like results) by Chuck Malven

The Final Act (The finishing technique that will enhance any carving) by Bill Ford

Mysterious Airbrush, Part Two (Airbrushing a bufflehead drake, includes pattern) by Brian E. McGray

Art Matters: Avian Sculpture (Avian sculpture did not evolve from decoy making) by Frank Werner

Art Law (New department explores the legal rights of carvers) by Professor Leonard DuBoff

Show and Tell (How to organize a successful carving show) by Debra Lehman


Fall 1994:

Beginner’s Notebook: Painter’s Notebook (Brushes, paints, and advice for beginners) by Pearl Carpenter

Art Matters: What Art the Decoy? (There are no rules) by Frank Werner

Barbara Nelson (Sculpture by design) by Curtis Badger

Baby Chicks, Part One (Measurements, patterns, and tips for carving baby birds) by Chuck Malvern

Gnome of Owldom (In search of the saw-whet owl) by Ron Austin

Springtime Color (Painting a ruddy turnstone) by Dan Williams

David Tippey (Pub master turned bird carver) by Curtis Badger

The Mysterious Airbrush (The tool and how to use it) by Brian E. McGray

Summer 1994:

Habitat: Wild Mushrooms (Common fungi add colorful flair) by Michael Sykes

Art Matters: Promotion (Some strategies) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook: Foolproof Pattern Making (Creating your own patterns from photos) by Mike Kent

Anatomy of an Exhibition (Behind the scenes of El Arnold’s one-man show) by Curtis J. Badger

The Northern Aplomado (Greg Woodard reveals his World-class painting techniques) by Kurt Robinette

Backyard Beauties (An in-depth look at ruby-throated and Anna’s hummingbirds) by Cynthia Berger

Hummingbird Bonus (Pattern and carving notes for a ruby-throat) by Bob Hand, Jr.

Open Wide! (Anatomical reference and instructions for creating an open-bill presentation) by Dennis C. Poeschel

Waterfowl Festival (An up-close look at one of wildlife art’s premier events) by Lisa Lujanac

Improving De Tail (Pattern and instructions for creation an inexpensive working decoy) by Frank Werner

Spring 1994:

Art Matters: Originality (Is it physical, or is it conceptual?) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook: Stacking Shadows, Part Two (A palette of shadows) by Mike Kent

Habitat: Making the Scene (Easy tips for creating ground cover) by Brian E. McGray

Wildfowl Carving in Miniature (Sometimes less is more) by Lloyd McCafferty

Affordable Collectibles (Old treasures that won’t bust your budget) by Charles W. Frank

Great Blue Heron (Stately master of the marsh; reference photos) by Mark Riegner

East of England (U.K. hosts regional bird-carving exhibit) by Judith Nicoll

Long-eared Owl, Part Two (Keith Mueller shares his award-winning painting techniques) by Don McKinlay

Masterwork Gallery: Southern Charm (Jett Brunet’s green-winged teal hen) by Lisa Lujanac

Contaminated Wood (Simple precautions could save your life)

Old Technologies (Preserving the traditions of the Jersey Coast) by Bob Brown

Annual Index

Winter 1994:

Beginner’s Notebook: Stacking Shadows (Simple tricks allow you to master the illusion of depth) by Mike Kent

Art Matters: Expressing the Bird (Have we, in installing “the living bird” as a standard, let our medium become the message?) by Frank Werner

Habitat: Branching Out (Creating a strong yet delicate perch) by Dennis Poeschel

The Gulf South Pairs (A retrospective of the prestigious regional competition) by Charles W. Frank

The Chincoteague Tradition (An island unto itself) by Curtis W. Badger

Four of a Kind (An eye on the eider from common to king) by Steve Maslowski

Ben Schmidt (The work and influence of Michigan’s finest maker) by Tom Shumaker

California Quail Bust (Start-to-finish project, includes pattern) by Peter Kaune

Long-eared Owl, Part One (Planning and composition of a World-class piece) by Don McKinlay


Fall 1993:

Habitat: Winter Wonderland (Making realistic, durable snow scenes) by Jo Craemer

Art Matters: Art as a Business (How would your family feel about living on food stamps?) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook: The Zen of Bird Carving (Attitude affects aptitude) by Michael Sykes

Mallard Tail Curls, Part Two (Creating the distinctive feather grouping from brass) by Frank Werner

Painting Notes for the Common Loon (Beyond black and white) by Jeffery G. Whiting

Raptor Chapter (“American Kestrel” excerpted from Floyd Scholz’s Birds of Prey), courtesy Stackpole Books

The Magnificent Cat Owl (Great horned owl reference) by Mary Katherine Parks

Live Bird Bonus: Northern Cardinal (Sneaky preview of WC&C’s Reference Guide—includes a pattern) by Sheryl De Vore

Decoy Ramblings (Dilley Shorebirds, mini shorebirds) by Joseph B. French

Pure Aesthetic (Ira Hudson’s walking mallard drake) by Gene and Linda Kangas

Robert Ptashnik (Remembering my friend Bob) by Larry Weston

Feathered Friends (Making holiday gift items) by Dennis Poeschel and Naomi Cashman

Mr. Jim’s Pintail (Carving a shootin’ stool Cajun style) by Curtis Badger

Summer 1993:

Art Matters: Real Enough to Fly (How did he do it?) by Frank Werner

Habitat: Easy Does It (Keeping it easy with Easy Rock) by Linda Kilcoin

Beginner’s Notebook: Creating the Curve (Making the third view from a two-view pattern) by C.E. Blanchard

The Dean of Havre de Grace Carvers (A tribute to R. Madison Mitchell, Sr.)

Mark McNair (New frontiers in traditional decoy making) by Curtis Badger

A Shore Thing (Composing, carving, and painting a dunlin trio) by Mark Christopher

Mallard Tail Curls, Part One (Anatomy of a mallard) by Frank Werner

Creating a World of Delight (One-man museum preserves the birds of Vermont) by mark Pendergrast

Decoy Ramblings: Preserving Old Decoys (Use wax, not oil) by Joe French

Shourds3 (Family resemblances in three generations of decoy makers) by Joe French

American Avocet (A close-up view of the graceful shorebird) by Tim Gallagher

Spring 1993:

Habitat: An Alaskan Shoreline (Creating habitat for the American oystercatcher) by Roscoe Condon

Art Matters: Art Space in the Private Sector (Showing and selling your art) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook Bonus (Using three-dimensional patterns. Includes wood duck pattern) by C.E. Blanchard

Beginner’s Notebook: The King Penguin, Part Two (Painting tips for this stately bird) by Michael Sykes

Burning for Color (“Painting” a quail with burning tools), demonstration by Ernie Muehlmatt

Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Part Two (Using airbrush techniques on this colorful fish), demonstration by Jeff Compton

Decoy Ramblings: Auctions versus Shows (The MDCA provides a mix of both) by Joseph B. French

Fat Jaw (Lem Ward’s enchanting goldeneye drake) by Gene and Linda Kangas

The Cutting Edge, Part Two (Eight top interpretive carvers share their techniques) by Curtis Badger

The Blue Jay (A closer look at the colorful Corvidae) by Tara Boice

Packing Your Carving (How to care for your carving when it’s out of your hands) by Ayleen Stellhorn

Annual Index

Working with Handtools (Preserving the traditions of the Jersey Coast) by Bob Brown

Going for the Green Ribbon (Making a living with working rigs) by John Nelson

Winter 1993:

Art Matters: Interpreting Interpretive (The Decorative Connection) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook: The King Penguin, Part One (A beginner’s lesson in form), demonstration by Michael Sykes

Habitat: The Magic of Moss (Several easy methods for creating habitat) by Orchid Davis

The Cutting Edge (Interview with eight of the top interpretive bird carvers) by Curtis Badger

Hen Green Wing, Part Three (Painting a hen green-winged teal), demonstration by Ron Broadwater

The Puffin Project (Puffin decoys lure the real thing) by Pete Salmonsohn

Bird Carvings in Japan (American carvers take their work abroad) by Cathy Hart

Larry Hayden (Drawing parallels between painting and carving) by Curtis Badger

Pumpkinseed Sunfish (Carving this colorful panfish), demonstration by Jeff Compton

George Walker (Saying goodbye to a fellow carver) by Lisa Lujanac

Decoy Ramblings (Decoy auction scene) by Joseph B. French

Counterfeiting the Counterfeits (Find the fakes with radiography) by A. Everette James


Fall 1992:

Art Matters: The True Essence of Mallards (A new book by Dr. Scott Nielsen features the wild side of a common duck) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook: Preparing the Surface (Don’t make the mistake of treating surface preparation lightly) by Don McKinlay

Habitat: Hedge Bindweed, Part Two (Painting and finishing this flowering vine) by Michael Sykes

Kingfisher Chronicles (One artist’s approach to field study) by Rob Braunfield

Dabbling Diver (A closer look at the 1993 World Pairs—the ring-necked duck) by Sheryl De Vore

Hen Green Wing, Part Two (Texturing techniques for the green-winged teal), demonstration by Ron Broadwater

Decoy Ramblings: From Carving to Collecting (The influence of Shang Wheeler’s carvings) by Joseph B. French

Perdew Robins (A unique pair of songbirds by Charles Perdew) by Gene and Linda Kangas

Bald Eagle (A master waterfowl carver, Jett Brunet, tries his hand at birds of prey) by Curtis J. Badger

Bills and Eyes (Jett Brunet demonstrates carving the bill and placing the eye) by Curtis J. Badger

Casting Carvings (A follow-up to making molds) by Robert and Jacquelyn Goad

Summer 1992:

Art Matters: Exhibitions (Be seen or be forgotten) by Frank Werner

Habitat: Hedge Bindweed, Part One (The climbing vine can add color and grace to your carvings) by Michael Sykes

Beginner’s Notebook: Band sawing Made Simple, Part Two (Transferring pattern guidelines to your band sawed blank) by Willy McDonald

Fisher King (A look into the life of the magnificent osprey) by Tara Boice

Baby Birds (The hottest items on the competition scene)

Western Kingbird: Part Two (Step-by-step photos for painting the kingbird) by Lonnie Dye

Tumbling Eagles (The sculpture of Canadian Joe Coutts)

Louisiana Miniatures (Tiny treasures from Louisiana) by Charles Frank

Decoy Ramblings: Painting to Preserve Decoys (Celebrating the artistic talent of an Illinois lady) by Joseph B. French

Hen Green Wing: Part One (Carving a green-winged teal hen), demonstration by Ron Broadwater

Making Molds (Make more efficient use of your time with molds) by Robert and Jacquelyn Goad

Spring 1992:

Habitat: Making Rocks (A rock-solid approach to new dimensions in composition) by Floyd Scholz

Art Matters: Art Anxiety (Make the time and effort to be recognized now for your art) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook: Band sawing Made Simple, Part One (The basics of choosing wood, transferring a pattern, and band sawing the blank) by Willy McDonald

Annual Index (The annual supplement to our Five-Year index)

Carving in the Cajun Tradition (A profile of the Brunet family—father, Tan, and sons, Jett and Jude) by Marie G. Bongiovanni

Pelzer Pintail (A classic decoy from Wisconsin’s Walter Pelzer) by Gene and Linda Kangas

Decoy Ramblings: First Thoughts (On stolen decoys, a new museum, original paint, and dear friends) BY Joe French

Redhead Basics (Reference photos of the redhead) by Sheryl De Vore

Winning the Gulf South (A look at the pieces that won the jewel of the Louisiana Wildfowl Festival) by Charles Frank

Western Kingbird: Part One (A demonstration of the carving and texturing of this Texas songbird) by Lonnie Dye

Show Business (An insider’s look into the planning of the Masters Carving Competition) by John Maloney

Winter 1992:

Art Matters: A Declaration of Art (A review of the exhibition celebrating the art of California’s duck decoys) by Frank Werner

Habitat: Creating Snowdrifts (Add a bit of winter chill to your carvings) by C.E. Blanchard

Beginner’s Notebook: Choosing and Using a Base (Some simple guidelines for color, size, and shape) by Terry Rickert

Dowitchers (Differentiating between the long-billed species and their short-billed cousins) by Bruce Burk

Highly Patterned Surfaces (Painting the complex feather patterns of the blue-winged teal) by Pat Godin

It’s a Dilly (Exquisite shore birds from a mysterious man) by Joe French

Life-like Raptors (Techniques for texturing and painting raptors in a realistic manner), demonstration by Greg Woodard

Birds in Art 1991 (Larry Barth named Master Wildlife Artist) by Cathy Hart

Wendell Gilley Museum (A perfectly carved niche for bird carvers) by Linda Wolter Carlson


Fall 1991:

Beginner’s Notebook: The Creative Process (A look at inspiration, ideas, and composition) by Mark Christopher

Habitat: Silver Flowers (Use this perfectly suited metal to create beautiful flowers) by Eugene Morelli and Joan Zygmunt

Art Matters: Commissions, Grants, and Fellowships (Going for the grand prize) by Frank Werner

American Wigeon (Reference photos of this stubby little duck) by Steve Maslowski

Airbrushing a Pheasant (Tip and techniques to overcome “airbrush phobia”) by Barbara Nelson

Painting a Goose (Step-by-step instructions and paint schedule for a Canada goose) by Den Heinemann

Quebec Style (A detailed photo study of the work of Orel LeBoeuf) by Gene and Linda Kangas

Flair of Genius (A profile of legendary Californian carver Ed Snyder) by Bill Baines

Creating a Surface Texture (Texturing philosophies of professional carvers) by Roger Schroeder

Basswood Blues (The cheapest way to get basswood is not always the best) by Don McKinlay

Summer 1991:

Habitat: Among the Lily Pads (The secret to creating a good composition lies in striking the perfect balance between bird and habitat) by Howard Nixon

Art Matters: Public Spaces (Exhibiting in a public space requires a little ambition and a lot of pieces) by Frank Werner

Beginner’s Notebook: Vermiculation Primer (Modern and old-fashioned tools and techniques) by Don McKinlay

Hal Evans (A collector shares his recollections with a friend) by Larry Cashion

The Northern Flicker (Reference photos of the “gentleman” woodpecker) by Dawn Coughlan

Goose Carving (Step-by-step instructions for carving a Canada goose), demonstration by Ben Heinemann

Knife Sharpening (Extend the life of your tools with proper sharpening techniques) by Allan Knotts

Wood Duck Chest (An excerpt from Jim Sprankle’s painting book) by Curtis J. Badger

Bering Sea Pirates: Part Four (Creating the base), demonstration by Larry Barth

Antique by Design (An aging process makes the decoys created by Thomas Langan appear old) by Roger Schroeder

Spring 1991:

Habitat: The Perfect Base (Sina “Pat” Kurman explains her technique for turning driftwood into a unique and attractive base for her floaters) by Ayleen Stellhorn

Beginner’s Notebook: Breaking out of the Copycat Syndrome (How to use influences creatively and originally in your own pieces) by Louise C. Beeson

Art Matters: A Carver’s Resume (Tips on what to include and how to make it work for you) by Frank Werner

Lesser or Greater (A few clues to tell you which scaup is which) by Sheryl De Vore

Bering Sea Pirates: Part Three (Finishing and painting this commission piece) by Larry Barth

Guy Taplin (A profile of one of England’s premier carvers) by Curtis J. Badger

Found at Last (Discovering Alameda carver Dean Brown) by Michael R. Miller and Frederick W. Hanson

Decoy Talks: One Good Turn Deserves Another (How Robert Weeks came to own a rig of Perdew green-winged teal) by Donna Tonelli

Tufted Titmouse: Part Three (Demonstration: Painting) by Jerry Barkley

Annual Index

Winter 1991:

Beginner’s Notebook: Reference Material (Photographs, videos, mounts—today’s carver has it all) by Larry Stevens

Habitat: Creating Water Droplets (A little bit of ingenuity goes a long way when working with resin) by Clancy Harlan

Art Matters: Juried Exhibitions for the Wildfowl Carver (Don’t be discouraged by frequent rejection slips) by Frank Werner

Crystal Ball: Part Four (Some final comments on the future of bird carving) by Marie G. Bongiovanni

Todd Wohlt (An interview with the 21-year-old who won the World) by Donna Sanders

Pelican Personalities (Reference photos of the brown pelican) by Mark Christopher

Bering Sea Pirates: Part Two (Jaegers in flight) by Larry Barth

Decoy Tales: Lake Heron Connection (Two distinct regions, two men who never met, and the “horsehead” cans that link them together) by Donna Tonelli

Decoys of the Shelburne (A Mecca for decoy collectors) by Tom Hill

Collector I.Q. (Ring-neck or bluebill?) by Gene and Linda Kangas

Tufted Titmouse (Demonstration: Texturing this tiny songbird) by Jerry Barkley


Fall 1990:

Beginner’s Notebook (Soft feathers: Painting) by Don McKinlay

Commentary: Wildfowl Carving and Contemporary Art (What exactly is “fine art” and who decides which works get labeled as such?) by Frank Werner

Crystal Ball, Part Three (More insight on the carving world) by Marie G. Bongiovanni

Hardy Oldsquaw (Reference photos of this beautiful duck) by Sheryl De Vore

Future Stars Shine (The Havre de Grace Middle School’s wildfowl competition) by Cathy Hart

Bering Sea Pirates (Part One: Conception of a commission piece) by Larry Barth

Decoy Tales: The Call Them G.K. Schmidts (This new column tells the stories behind the famous decoys. Learning about Illinois’ G.S. Schmidt led collector Joe Tonelli to several astounding finds) by Donna Tonelli

George W. Thompson (Pioneer decoy collector) by Joseph B. French

Tufted Titmouse (Demonstration: Part One: Rough Carving) by Jerry Barkley

Summer 1990:

The Marbled Godwit (Includes a paint pattern with color mixing instructions) by Bruce Burk

Commentary: The State of the Art Our Art (A look at the world of wildfowl carving today continues this issue)
            Folk Art, Decoys, and Wildfowl Carving by Frank Werner
            The Crystal Ball, Part Two by Marie G. Bongiovanni

Molding Leaves (Demonstration) by E. Lynn Forehand

Beginner’s Notebook: Soft Feathers: Texturing (The second step in creating softer feathers) by Don McKinlay

Cajun Crowells (A restorer’s challenge) by Joseph B. French

Sketching Birds (Tips and techniques for making the most of your time in the field) by Robert Braunfield

The National Celebrates its Silver Anniversary (One of the biggest decoy shows turns 25) by Gene and Linda Kangas

Carving a Low-head Green-winged Teal (Demonstration) by Rich Radigonda

Spring 1990:

The American Goldfinch (Reference photos of this popular songbird) by Steve Maslowski

Beginner’s Notebook: Soft Feathers, Part One (The first in a three-part series) by Don McKinlay

Flowing Plumes (A mini-demonstration on how to create egret plumes) by Floyd Scholz

Commentary: The State of the Art (A special section on the world of wildfowl carving today)
            Art, Craft, and Wildfowl Carving by Frank Werner
            Understanding Style by John N. Mullican
            The Crystal Ball by Marie G. Bongiovanni

Montana Bird Carvers (A profile of Joan Zygmunt and Eugene Morelli) by Roger Schroeder

Welding Feet (Demonstration) by Eugene Morelli

Source: Listing Updates (New information on seminars across the country)

From Great Horned Owl to Broad-winged Hawk (Story of an award-winning carving) by Bart Walter

The Mackey Collection—1969 (A look into one man’s castle) by Roger W. Barton

A Collecting Goldmine (Fascinating decoys from Herter’s Incorporated) by Charles W. Franks, Jr.

Winter 1990:

The Gentleman’s Gamebird (Reference photos of the bobwhite quail) by Tom Huggler

Service Class Sprigs Part Two (Pintail Demonstration) by Rob Capriola

Freedom of Expression (An interview with carvers Dave and Mary Ahrendt) by Donna Sanders

Hal Sorenson’s “Labor of Love” (An interview with the editor of the Decoy Collector’s Guide) by Joseph B. French

Beginner’s Notebook: Keep It Running (Tips to maintain your flexible shaft power tool) by Don McKinlay

Source: Video Tapes (A sampling of instructional and reference tapes available to the carver)

The Painted Surface (Find the best oil-to-pigment ratio for your decoy painting) by Frank Werner

Painting an English Sparrow (Demonstration) by Floyd Scholz

Palm Frond Decoys of California (Interest in these frail decoys heightens) by Roger W. Barton

The Venerable Roothead (A photo essay on some relatively inexpensive, collectible decoys) by A. Everette James. Jr.


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