Red-tailed Hawk                                       

A local game warden had heard about my bird carvings. I showed him some,… More

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Canvas Goose                                 

Over the past 30 years I've witnessed almost every facet of decoy making… More

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Say No to Dust                                     

Dust is part of carving, whether its from power carving or sanding. I… More

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Alpha, Part Two                                       

Painting for me was the hardest part of this project, specifically finding… More

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Carving the Black-billed Magpie                                                                       

The magpie is one of my favorite birds to carve. It has great personality… More

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Painting a Ross’s Goose                                                           

The white plumage on the Rosss goose provided one of the challenges when… More

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Carving the Scrub Jay: A Bird with Character                                                                                                 

The scrub jay, like other jays, has a lot of character. You can spend many… More

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Ruddy Love: How to Carve a Ruddy Duck, Part One                                                                                                       

My first attempt at decoy carving was a ruddy duck. That was in 1987, and… More

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A Bird with Character                                                   

I am ready to paint. I will use acrylic paints for this project. Acrylics… More

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Ruddy Love - Part Two: Painting                                                                       

In a sense, this is a decorative smoothie decoy. Before I begin the… More

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From Palm Tree to Pintail                                                           

Ive done palm frond carvings for the California Open competition in San… More

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A Ringed Teal Drake - Part One: Carving                                                                                       

Most novice carvers begin with modest goals. Initially we may hope to just… More

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Branching Out                                   

Creating a habitat for your bird should be a fun and exciting stage of any… More

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Back to Colorado - Part Three: The Rock                                                                                       

The rock that provided the model for this project is a type of sandstone… More

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The Black-billed Magpie Part Two: Painting                                                                                             

Before adding any color, I like to prime the bird with a couple of coats… More

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