Contemporary antique decoys have become a new trend in an old folk art,… More

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Carving a Common Redpoll, Part Three: Habitat                                                                                                   

Choosing the right habitat can make or break a carving, so plan this stage… More

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Bufflehead Hen Part 3                                                   

No one has ever accused a hen bufflehead of being particularly colorful.… More

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Back to Colorado, Part Two                                                             

Acrylic paints are durable and work quickly, and I use them for all my… More

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The Barred Owl, Part One                                                         

The Barred Owl (Strix varia) is one of North America's larger owls, with… More

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Western Brilliance: The Lazuli Bunting                                                                                     

Once youve completed carving the Lazuli bunting, its time to begin what is… More

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Pacific Brant, Part Two: Painting                                                                           

In the last issue, I carved and primed a brant. Since both the Atlantic… More

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The Barred Owl                                     

Although the markings on this beautiful owl may seem daunting, once you… More

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The Greater Yellowlegs                                                     

Shorebirds have always been favorite subjects for me. My first experience… More

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A Toucan Decoy - Part 3                                                       

For this toucan I will use four brands, starting with Ronan Japan oil… More

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One Good Tern                                   

The current trend to contemporary antiques often provides me inspiration… More

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A Toucan Decoy - Part II                                                         

In the last issue, I demonstrated how I started carving this toucan decoy,… More

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From Palm Tree to Pintail                                                           

Ive done palm frond carvings for the California Open competition in San… More

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Back to Colorado, Part One                                                             

A couple who now live in California recently asked me if I would create a… More

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A Passion for the Past                                                     

If you're like me, you have a love for items from the past. I like old… More

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