Prairie Falcon, Part Two: Painting                                                                             

After I photographed the falcon for the first part of this demonstration… More

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Bufflehead Hen Part 3                                                   

No one has ever accused a hen bufflehead of being particularly colorful.… More

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The Black-billed Magpie Part Two: Painting                                                                                             

Before adding any color, I like to prime the bird with a couple of coats… More

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The Downy Woodpecker                                                 

When painting the downy woodpecker I will use both an airbrush and hand… More

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East Meets West, Part Two: The Eastern Blue Jay                                                                                                       

Applying the vibrant blues and subtle violets that exist in this bird will… More

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A Ringed Teal Drake - Part One: Carving                                                                                       

Most novice carvers begin with modest goals. Initially we may hope to just… More

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The Delta Marsh Canvasback                                                             

I've always been interested in decoys that look old. Learning the… More

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Micro-Mini Canvasbacks                                                     

Don't throw away the cutoffs you have left when you make larger ducks.… More

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Least Bittern, Part Two                                                       

Technically, painting is merely the application of colored pigments to a… More

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Alexander and Maria                                               

Early in 2012 I learned that the pair competition at the 2014 Ward World… More

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A Bird with Character                                                   

I am ready to paint. I will use acrylic paints for this project. Acrylics… More

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One Good Tern                                   

The current trend to contemporary antiques often provides me inspiration… More

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Putting the Red in Red-Tailed                                                                   

There's a great deal of diversity in the appearance of individual… More

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Back to the World, Part Three                                                                   

In the first two parts of this demonstration, I explained how I carved and… More

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Demonstration: Carver's Block                                                                   

Many authors fear encountering writers block, the feeling of being unable… More

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