The Great Horned Owl in Miniature - Carving                                                                                               

Carvers seem to like owls. I can understand why. There is something about… More

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Incredible Owl and Raptor Carvings from Al Jordan                                                                                                           

Al Jordan had a superb display of his owls and raptors at the 2017 Easton… More

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Saw-whet Owl, Part Two                                                     

Before starting to paint, you need to seal your carving. After working… More

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The Great Horned Owl in Miniature - Painting                                                                                                 

Painting the great horned owl seems like a daunting task. So take a deep… More

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The Walls Have Eyes                                               

A client showed me a fairly common photo of a screech owl half awake in a… More

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The Barred Owl                                     

Although the markings on this beautiful owl may seem daunting, once you… More

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Rodents Beware                                     

Rodents Beware is a name that suits this owl perfectly. Having lived on… More

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Saw-whet Owl, Part One                                                     

The saw-whet owl is an almost adorable little killing machine. It ranges… More

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The Ears Have It                                         

No owl is better at disappearing before our eyes than North Americas… More

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Tom Baldwin's Realistic Barn Owl Carving                                                                                         

At the 2017 Easton Waterfowl Festival, magazine editor Tom Huntington… More

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Workbench Projects: Miniature Snowy Owl                                                                                       

Step-by-step instructions and patterns for a one-third lifesize male or… More

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Rodents Beware--Part Two: Painting the Barn Owl                                                                                                       

The final stage to this sculpture is painting the bird. The barn owl has a… More

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Fall 2016                           

The Fall 2016 issue brings with it a full tutorial on Jeff Rechin's… More

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ODCCA Celebrates its 40th in Strongsville                                                                                           

The Ohio Decoy Collectors and Carvers Association celebrated its 40th… More

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An Owl Trio                               

When viewed face-on, the rounded heads of the Strix owls seem to take up a… More

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