Eastern Bluebird, Part One                                                             

In this article I will be sculpting an Eastern bluebird. No matter how… More

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The Great Horned Owl in Miniature - Painting                                                                                                 

Painting the great horned owl seems like a daunting task. So take a deep… More

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Carving Suppliers                                           

A list of carving suppliers to help you in your carving adventures. More

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Fall and Rise of the Peregrine Falcon                                                                                   

The peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) is a world-class bird, an… More

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Lord of the Sky                                       

Falconry, that ancient and honored hunting tradition in which raptors are… More

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Hidden Treasures                                         

Warblers are different. These bundles of feathered energy remain elusive… More

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A Pair of Hawks                                       

Fiery red eyes peer with intelligent intent out of a body armored in… More

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The Tufted Titmouse                                               

The tufted titmouse (Parus bicolor) is the largest North American… More

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The Magic of Flight                                               

Remember Jonathan Livingston Seagull? That short novel from the 1970s told… More

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Fall 2019                           

Check out our Fall 2019 issue! You really don't want to miss this Wildfowl… More

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Reflections on the Goldeneye                                                                 

People don't often think of goldeneyes as seasonal indicators, as they do… More

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Live Bird Bonus: Scrub Jay Reference                                                                                 

Want to carve a scrub jay like the one Jerry Simchuk demonstrates in the… More

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The Puffin                             

There is something magical about puffins and their auk family kin, the… More

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Pink Flamingos                                     

Some birds are recognized by almost everyone around the worldowls,… More

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The Creeper                               

The name brown creeper (Certhia americana) may sound sinister--conjuring… More

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