Tommy Stewart's Shore Thing                                                               

Tommy Stewart spends a lot of time walking the shore of Long Islands Great… More

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Hooded Merganser Drake                                                     

Step-by-step instructions and detailed pattern for creating a lifesize… More

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Just Like 1936 - Carving                                                         

There is a power in simplicity which is why I chose to paint a famous Ward… More

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The Great Horned Owl in Miniature - Carving                                                                                               

Carvers seem to like owls. I can understand why. There is something about… More

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The ABCs of Custom Carving Knives - Advice from…

In the first part of this article (Winter 2016), I discussed how custom… More

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Bufflehead Hen, Part Two                                                         

When texturing feathers it is important not to burn too deeply. I turn… More

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Carve a Peregrine Falcon Head                                                                   

I like to think and work in dramatic and big ways, so it is only natural… More

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East Meets West: Carving the Eastern Blue Jay                                                                                                   

It wasnt too long ago that the first Eastern blue jay showed up outside… More

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The Littlest Falcon                                               

The American kestrel also goes by the name of sparrow hawk. Its a… More

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Least Bittern                                   

While researching a great blue heron project in 2008 I ran across some… More

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A Carolina Classic                                             

You can trace the history of the canvas decoy back to the turn of the… More

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Madagascar Waltz                                         

Once I made the decision to carve an entry for the 2014 World Life-size… More

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Bobincheck's Birds                                             

It's always interesting to learn how various carvers came to the art form… More

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Western Brilliance: The Lazuli Bunting, Part One                                                                                                         

The lazuli bunting lives in the western half of the United States, where… More

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Carving The Downy Woodpecker                                                                 

The downy woodpecker is North Americas smallest woodpecker. It is also one… More

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